Universitetspædagogikum 2021

Universitetspædagogikum 2021

Universitetspædagogikum 2021


The Universitetspædagogikum consists of a number of compulsory courses and several optional activities from which participants must select, as well as practical aspects. The theory should provide the basis for making pedagogical decisions. An essential aspect of the practical work is that each participant will be assigned to pedagogical and departmental supervisors who will observe and provide feedback. Participants will also observe teaching of others to reflect on their own practice.


The Universitetspædagogikum is open to assistant professors and post docs from all faculties. It is a requirement that participants will undertake teaching during the duration of the Universitetspædagogikum.


Link to registration (Deadline passed - please contact Learninglab@learning.aau.d.)

Deadline for registration: November 20, 2020

Please note that participation in the Universitetspædagogikum requires accept from your Head of department.

Please familiarise yourself with the framework provisions and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on learninglab@learning.aau.dk.

Furthermore it is important that you have a substantial amount of teaching and supervision obligations during the year of Universitetspædagogikum to be able to participate.

The Universitetspædagogikum starts with an introductory day 12 January 2021 9-13.

Dates for Universitetspædagogikum courses starting in January: Compulsory courses only in spring, electives in autumn 2021. Please find the exact dates for each compulsory course here (subject to change)