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Last modified: 08.05.2015

SUS - Studenterudviklingssamtaler

Reflexen, Tidsskrift for uddannelser ved Institut for Uddannelse, Læring og Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet

Lorentsen, A. (2008). ‘Portfoliounderstøttede udviklingssamtaler i videregående uddannelse – Evaluering af en case’, Arbejdspapirer om læring, Institut for Uddannelse, Læring og filosofi, Aalborg Universitet.
// The article identified three hypotheses related to MUS and portfolio use, as subsequently was held up against a case, where the portfolio supported 'developement interviews' implemented at the graduate level. Those interviews is evaluated highly by students but although there are many perspectives on portfolio use, implementation will not be an easy thing, but require forethought.

Hansen, S. D. (2010). Studieprocessamtalen som universitetspædagogisk redskab. Dansk universitetspædagogisk tidsskrift, 5(9), 55-.
 //highlights how a 'study process conversation' can help to support student learning and at the same time can help the students to create coherence and meaning in their study life. And is seen as an important educational activity in reference to the implementation and dropout problems that universities struggling with.

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