Supporting project work

Last modified: 12.05.2015

Center for Undervisningsudvikling og Digitale Medier, Arts, Aarhus Universitet. (2014a). Retrieved December 15, 2014, from
//This link refers to a web resource developed at Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University. The Study Metro is a study tool for students offering concrete advice, inspiration and exercises for writing assignments, literature searches and study-related working methods.

Center for Undervisningsudvikling og Digitale Medier, Arts, Aarhus Universitet. (2014b). Retrieved December, 15, 2014, from
//The Faculty Metro is a web resource on teaching and supervision with the purpose of sharing and developing learning oriented teaching practices. It contains descriptions of good practices materials, instructions and tasks for students tools, examples, videos and literature references by and for lecturers.

Boud, D., Cohen, R., & Sampson, J. (2014). Peer learning in higher education: Learning from and with each other Routledge.
//This book introduces and foster peer learning and how it can help students project work by collaboration. As when 2+2 ends up with 5.

Krogh, L., Brødslev Olsen, J., & Rasmussen, P. (2008). Projektpædagogik : Perspektiver fra Aalborg universitet Aalborg : Aalborg Universitetsforlag.
//The book comprises six contributions from different authors who represent different fields from the Aalborg university interpretation of project pedagogy, theory and practice. In addition it also includes a comprehensive bibliography of publications from employees.

Østergaard, S. (2005). In Jacoby Petersen N. (Ed.), Projektsamarbejde med organisationer og virksomheder. Frederiksberg : Forlaget Samfundslitteratur.
//A lot of advice and strategies for supervisors and students who collaborate with organisations and companies on projects.

Stray Jørgensen, P., & Harboe, T. (2005). In Rienecker, L. (Eds.), Vejledning : En brugsbog for opgave- og specialevejledere på videregående uddannelser. Frederiksberg : Samfundslitteratur.
//An exhaustive and usable survey of supervision/guidance on the writing of assignments and thesis.