Anvendelse af læringsportfolio i uddannelse

Last modified: 08.05.2015

Nr. 31/2014 "Undervisningsportfolio - erfaring og veje frem -- Delrapport 1-1 i KUUPI udviklingsprojekt om undervisningsportfolio"
http://www.ind.ku.dk/publikationer/inds_skriftserie/2014-31/ located 10/01 2016
//Here you can find a literature review of international experience with the use of portfolio. This is the reporting from Copenhagen University's ongoing development project that deals with teaching portfolio. The project ends in 2016.

Corry, A., Søndergaard, B. (2011). The Teaching Portfolio. Developing Good Teachers and Scientists, 1,
//This pamphlet is written in order to give guidance on how to make a teaching portfolio, but also to show how it differs from a teaching cv.

Jensen, Rasmus Ugilt Holten (2006): Portfolio mellem konstruktivisme og instruktivisme. I: Dansk Universitetspædagogisk Tidsskrift nr. 2: Udvikling af underviserkompetencer.

//A critic of the constructivist-inspired used of portfolio. The article points out that there are other usefull ways to use portfolios although it doesn’t fully live up to the constructivist ideals

Krogh, L. (2007). Undervisningsportfolio som redskab i underviser-professionaliseringsforløb ved universitetet og andre videregående uddannelsesforløb. Aalborg: Institut for Uddannelse, Læring og Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet. http://vbn.aau.dk/files/11791059/wp2_2007__9788791543463_LK.pdf
//The article is based on 10 years of experience with the use of teaching portfolio at Aalborg University in connection to ’Adjunktpædagogikum’.

Lund, Birthe (red.) (2008): Portfolio – i et lærings- og uddannelsesperspektiv. Aalborg, Aalborg Universitetsforlag.

Rump, Camilla (2006): Undervisningsportfolio. Didaktips 6, Institut for Naturfagenes Didaktik, Københavns Universitet. http://www.ind.ku.dk/publikationer/didaktips/didaktips6/undervisningsportfolioerdidaktipsmedomslag.pdf
//The focus is especially on what to take into consideration when making a teaching portfolio in order to assessed as university teacher. It is possible to skip the first part and then go to the end where you can find a guide on how to design a teaching portfolio.

Seldin, P. (2004): The Teaching Portfolio. A Practical Guide to Improve Performance and Promotion / Tenure Decisions. Bolton, Anker Publishing.
// This is probably a classic when it comes to teaching portfolio.

Stefani, Lorraine; Mason, Robin; Pegler, Chris (2007): The educational potential of e-portfolios. Oxon, Routledge.
//Describes E-portfolios as a valuable learning and assessment tool that can serve as an administrative tool to manage and organise work.

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