Diversity and intercultural education

Last modified: 12.05.2015

Marginson, S., 1951-, & Sawir, E., 1960-. (2011). In Marginson S. (Ed.), Ideas for intercultural education / Simon Marginson and Erlenawati Sawir (1.ed.) New York, N.Y. : Palgrave Macmillan.
// The underlying premise of this book is that international education can be a transforming intercultural experience for hosts as well as visitors. Drawing on a review of international literature, and two large interview programs with international students, the book dissects the obstacles and points the way to solutions in the classroom and beyond.


Starfield, S. (2007). In Paltridge B. (Ed.), Thesis and dissertation writing in a second language : A handbook for supervisors London : Routledge.
//In addition to being a guide in relation to writing in a second-lauguage, this book focuses on the academic writings genre requirements, and it has solid chapters on writing introduction, literature review, discussion and methodology, and conclusions ect.


Stier, J. (2003). Internationalisation, ethnic diversity and the acquisition of intercultural competencies. Intercultural Education, 14(1), 77-91.
//This paper look at the pedagogical processes involved in intercultural study environments and their effects on students who study abroad or in an ethnically diverse context. The discussion arrives at an interactive model of intercultural learning