Best practice in the university pedagogy

Last modified: 12.05.2015

Bligh, D.A. (2000). What’s the Use of lectures? San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. The Jossey-Bass Higher and adult education series.
//At first, Blight argues that ordinary lecturing only is useful to transfer information. The rest of the book is suggestions and concrete activities.

Dansk Pædagogisk Tidsskrift, Årg 9, Nr 17 (2014). Didaktikken – et svar på universitetspædagogiske udfordringer.
//Danish Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. These 6 articles are addressing didactic as an answer to university pedagogical challenges.

Mortiboys, A. (2010). How to be an effective teacher in higher education: Answers to lecturers' questions. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill International (UK) Ltd.
//Describes a lot of useful activities.

Rienecker, L., & Troelsen, R. (Eds.). (2013). 17 ting, du kan gøre ved din undervisning: Inspiration fra dansk universitetspædagogisk netværks konference 2012.
//Contributions from DUN conference 2012, on how to practice good teaching and supervision. A collection of 17 good suggestions to get inspired by. (In Danish)

Biggs, J. & C. Tang. (2007). Teaching for Quality Learning at University. The Society for Research into Higher Education. Maidenhead: Open University Press, McGraw-Hill Education
//The book covers most of the outcome-based approach to teaching and learning including rationales, some basic teaching and learning theories, student motivations, contexts for teaching and learning, intended learning outcomes, constructive alignment, teaching and learning activities, problem-based learning, assessment tasks, assessment criteria, feedback, reflection, implementations in the institutional setting.

Bowden J. & Marton F. (1998). The University of Learning. London: Kogan Page.
//Takes a look at the theory and practice of learning and how universities can improve their quality and competence. Contents include: The idea of the university; The constitution of knowledge a the ethics of learning; Quality and qualities; Competence and capabilities; Aims and demands; Learning in teaching; Research as learning; The organization of learning; The university of learning.

Cowan J. (1998). On Becoming an Innovative University Teacher. Reflection in Action. The society for Research into Higher Education
//This book, on becoming an Innovative University Teacher, shows how to plan and run innovative activities to engage their students in effective reflective learning. An online 2006 edition is accessible through AUB.

Elmgren, M., & Henriksson, A. (2014). Academic teaching (1st ed.). Lund: Studentlitteratur.
//A wide, research-based Swedish textbook in university teaching. The book is adapted to a Swedish context and is written from the practitioners university teacher's point of view. Describes the reflecting practitioner and the relation between the students and teacher. Translated from “Elmgren, M., & Henriksson, A. (2013). Universitetspedagogik (2. uppl ed.). Lund: Studentlitteratur.”

McInerney, D. M., & Liem, A. D. (2008). Teaching and Learning: International Best Practice. IAP.
//The editors of the present book have gathered over thirty renowned educators and researchers from Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States, to share their experiences in developing best practices in teaching and learning in socio-culturally and educationally diverse contexts.
Accessible through google scholar.

Rienecker, L., Jørgensen, P.S., Dolin, J. & Ingerslev, G.H. (2013). Universitetspædagogik. Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur.
//Whether it comes to traditional lectures and supervision activities, case and project work or e-learning, this is an up-to-date handbook concerning teaching and learning in higher education. - It reaches out to new teachers as well as experienced teachers who search for inspiration, and is divided into the following chapters:

In the framework of the university,
Learning and research-based teaching,
Planning courses and lessons,
Conduct of the actual teaching,
Examination and assessment,
Teaching development for university teaching,