About AAU learning lab

Learning Lab empowers staff to fulfill Aalborg University's commitment to excellence in higher education teaching and learning. We are uniquely placed in our work with University teachers where we build on current tertiary teaching research to identify and evaluate trends, apply best practice and aim at addressing gaps in the University's delivery of higher education practices.

We support University teachers with resources and training to build and develop their competencies, skills and pedagogical knowledge to provide high quality teaching. To sustain excellence in higher education teaching we promote reflective practice skills together with tools for reflection. Our aim to maintain and further develop AAUs organisational capacity and capability in relation to quality University teaching and learning at the highest level.

Our main activities are organized to support different target groups:

  • University pedagogy for Assistant Professors: Certification in higher education pedagogy
  • New to AAU: Basic courses in higher education pedagogy, Problem based learning - PBL, ICT for teaching and more, for staff who recently joined this University
  • Extras for Experts - activities for experienced staff: workshop or seminar afternoons on a variety of topics targeting University teachers who have been teaching as well as networking activities targeting University teachers who have been teaching for some time.
  • Learning Lab on demand: Specialized workshops or seminars for big enough groups offering activities at newcomer or experienced level, individualized training to brush up and/or equip with basic skills, including classroom observations(video recorded on demand) and peer supervision.